Circulo Violeta

Violeta la desencajada


Belami Producciones

Director & Writer
Isen Ravelo

Cora González | Madeline Abreu | Genesis González | Judith Batista


Director testimony

Cora came as a suggestion from the same actresses in the cast to take on this character. I decided to work with her on the play Circulo Violeta. At first I saw her shy, but I understood that she was coming to a project that had already been started and she was joining a cast that had already done a lot of tabletop study. However, the way in which he adapted to the dynamics was quite fluid.

Cora is an actress who listens, and for me my communication with him is extremely important when working with an actor. Cora is an actress capable of exploring what is asked of her, and making this a possibility, that if it does not work for her, she still submits to her work to make it work.

Circulo Violeta was premiered with Cora González as its main character and re-released every time with her. I was more than satisfied with the results of her performance and this led me to believe a bond of trust to continue working with her. So I called her for a second project: Celeste Circle.

In general, Cora Gonzales has made me grow as a director, flow and create. For me personally she is a muse that lets me believe and believe with me. I do not leave her and since I have a character for her I do not hesitate twice to offer it to her.

Isen Ravelo

Director & Writer


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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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